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Eating That Elephant One Little Bite At A Time

Vegetarians out there: please pardon this metaphor- but truly, how would you eat an elephant? One little bite at a time. Often we take on way more than we can chew. We get overwhelmed. Stressed. Our brains shut down. The answer? One small bite at a time.

It goes back to those baby steps we have talked about. I figure, so long as I am moving forward and taking some kind of action on my goals, I am going to achieve success. Action is important. If our ideas and goals are solely in our heads, we are dreamers and that’s about it.We don’t, however, want to take on too much at once- put too much  pressure on ourselves- and then have it all backfire because we get overwhelmed, discouraged, and quit.

Like all things in life- there needs to be balance. Small steps or bites, if you will.

I am continually reminding myself of this. The Warm Milk Journal, for instance, is a big project. Starting a new endeavor like this is a lot of work. There is a huge learning curve. There are parts of this project that come easier for me than others. I find the creative side a lot of fun and easier: the writing of the posts, reaching out and helping others, coming up with ideas for the Warm Milk Journal (because this is something I care and feel so passionately about). The more challenging areas for me are more the technical and business end of things that come with writing a blog. There is so much for me to learn and really I have just started. So I tell myself: baby steps, Debra. Small elephant bites.

I think if we enjoy the journey we will be happy with where we end up!

Debra : )


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What are you avoiding?

Are there things in your life that you are avoiding? Procrastinating on? I find that when I am avoiding something that I know I need to be dealing with, I end up feeling anxious and doing a lot of tossing and turning during the night. Current issues in my life that I know I am doing this with involve financial matters and legal matters (involving my ex spouse). By day, I am a busy school teacher and when I am not on my job I like to recreate and work on The Warm Milk Journal. I find the last thing I want to do with my time and energy is deal with these matters. Alas, by ignoring them- they do not go away (sigh..if only it were that simple right?)

On the contrary, I find that the longer I put off dealing with these unpleasant tasks, the worse I end up feeling (anxious, my life a bit out of control, restless sleep, etc. etc.)

So what is the solution.? Remember those baby action steps? I think that strategy would be appropriate here.

In your journal, write down what are some things in your life that you know need to be dealt with but that you have been putting off? Next to each thing, write down one thing you can do about it. Don’t feel pressured to do everything on this list in one day- that would feel overwhelming and put you in your head back in the sand, procrastinating mode- but commit to doing one thing tomorrow on this list. Call that lawyer, call that creditor, make that annual medical check up appointment.

Over the weekend, I finally did a task on my list (calling my auto insurance company about a scratch I have on my new Honda). I had been putting this off for two weeks. Once I did it, it was a very good feeling that I finally took care of it. Now to do one more thing on this list today…and I will feel even better. It might be kind of inconvenient to but it feels better to be in the driver’s seat of my life and deal with things instead of avoiding and letting the anxiety over it build up. Often it is not as bad as we have it built up in our minds either. It was very quick and painless opening a claim with my auto insurer- much easier than I thought it was going to be.

Commit to doing one thing on this list. Then let the rest go until the next day. Chip away at it. You are in the driver’s seat. You will begin to feel empowered and rest easier at night.

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