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The Mew Way:To Nap or Not To Nap? Mew says: “nap!”

There is a lot of advice out there for us suggesting that taking naps during the day will affect our sleep at night. I suspect that can be true for some people. I personally love my little “power cat naps”. If I can lie down for 15 to 30 minutes in the afternoon between the hours of 3 to 5 pm, I am much more refreshed and enjoy a nice evening once my second wind kicks in. I do not find this kind of napping affects my night sleep at all.

Perhaps if I napped like my cat Mew does I would have a hard time sleeping at night. He is a cat and he is all about the catnap. As in, the all day catnap. He seems to sleep pretty well at night too so all of that napping is not affecting him much any.

Like most things in life it probably boils down to some moderation and knowing what works best for you. Realistically,we probably don’t want to sleep all afternoon if we want to get to sleep later for the night. I suppose there is some common sense to that.

I do want a good night of sleep- but as of yet, I am not willing to give up my afternoon siesta to get it.  It is exactly 4:23 pm. Mew is curled up in his spot on the corner of the bed. Time for me to join him for our catnap….


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