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Feeling Overwhelmed On Our “Low” Days

We all have high level energy days and low energy level days. When we feel good and have a lot of energy it is easier to tackle whatever life has for us. We feel more competent and confident. We feel more “on top” of things!

What happens to us though on our low days? We still have the same life, same circumstances, responsibilities, goals, etc. Somehow it all feels more overwhelming when we don’t feel our best, doesn’t it? When I feel low (from lack of sleep, being sick, time of the month, or just in a low mood), I feel daunted by things which on better days I am feeling great about. It is strange. It is almost like I am two different people. On these low days, my brain almost wants to shut down because I feel like I just can’t do it all or really any of it (if I feel bad enough).

Here are some thoughts about how to handle these low days:

  1. Low energy days are a part of life. They will come and go like clouds passing. They won’t last forever.
  2. Just be easier on ourselves on these days. Our perceptions are a bit clouded right now. We don’t feel our best. Accept that and be easy.
  3. Tomorrow is another day. Not getting anything accomplished on your to-do list today? Well, so be it. Who says we have to constantly work on a dead line anyway?
  4. Do something that is nurturing for you: nice cup of coffee or tea, read something relaxing, take an easy stroll, nap
  5. The world is not going to stop revolving on its axis just because we are not our super dynamo selves today.
  6. Listen to your body. If it is telling you to take it easy then do so. Our bodies have intelligence. Perhaps we just need to recharge. When we come back from this low period we will have lots more energy and creativity for the tasks we put on hold.

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