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Expect The Unexpected

When things go better than planned, rejoice!

When you get an unexpected gift or break, thank your lucky stars.

Expect the unexpected. Hopefully more good unexpected things will come to you.

The universe is abundant. Let us receive our good (even unexpected good!)

Debra : )


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For All You Mothers Out There

For the new mothers: You are losing sleep right now feeding and nursing and soothing your babies throughout the night. You are chasing toddlers and arranging play dates and countless other activities for your families and households.

As your kids get older there will be school issues and different life issues as the years pass. Kids grow up. Moms remain moms.

I am 43 years old and I still need my mom. I am thankful for the talks, the cheering up during times I am down, the candles and clothes from Kohls sales she likes to send me, and her just being there.

There are moms out there who may still have children at home and are also dealing with the strain of aging parents. God bless you.

There are moms out there adjusting to life with empty nests. Kids in college or out on their own working , marrying and raising families of their own.

I am thankful for my two kids, Stephen and Aimee, ages 15 and 12. They are getting older but still need me. The best thing that ever happened to me was when my son was born (almost 16 years ago now). I can still remember those early days with that new baby and thinking: now what do I do? I don’t know how to be a mom. Here was this most exquisite little creature completely dependent on me. The days of being home with him, nursing him, holding him, watching every little development…it was a magical, miraculous time and I really felt like I was hanging out with God.

I am thankful to know what it is to love something greater than myself and learn to give so much of myself. There were times during those earlier years that I didn’t think I would make it. Lonely days as a young stay at home Seattle area mom. Sleepless nights. Tears like the rain that so often fell. Older moms would tell me that they are little for such a brief time. Enjoy the time with them. I would nod my head, but back then not really understanding. Back then, it would seem I would always be the mom of little kids: immersed in the world of plastic toys, baby board books, mommy-toddler story times at the library, play dates with other kids and their moms ….., intricately planned themed birthday parties, camps, girl scout troop meetings, etc.

Now, they are older. Instead of trips to Toys r Us for presents during the holidays or for birthdays, it is gift cards or cash. They want to do their own shopping. We still have family time but what they really want is  time with their friends. They are older. They still need me. But it is different.

I remember when I first found out I was pregnant. A coworker of mine excitedly exclaimed: “Oh, Debra, you are going to have a little boo-boo! Children are such a blessing!”

Children are a blessing. And so are their mothers.

Happy Mothers Day

Debra : )


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Thank You

Thank you, Warm Milk Journal readers. This blog is a work in progress and I hope that it is helping or inspiring you in some way.

Other things in my life I feel thankful for this evening:

  1. I am thankful for my wonderful supportive, loving, and sexy partner
  2. I am thankful to have a meaningful job where I have the opportunity to positively effect the lives of 46 second graders 180 days of the year
  3. I am thankful for my children who are good at challenging me and humbling me and teaching me what it means to love
  4. I am thankful for my parents who continue to love me and enjoy their lives to the the fullest
  5. I am thankful for my cat Mew who is adorable and is a constant loving peaceful precious presence in my life.

Now it is your turn (time to get out your journals):

I am thankful for:






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I Am Happy ! This is Why…

You have many reasons to be happy. What are you thankful for in your life right now? Write them down in your journal. Come up with as many things as you can. Think about them throughout your day or as you drift off to sleep tonight.

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Five Journal Prompt Ideas

Here are some prompts for your journal writing time:

  1. What is a fear you have always had? How would it feel to just be free of it?
  2. What did you used to want to do when you were in third grade?
  3. What are you thankful for this very moment?
  4. Go to a bookshelf in your home. Close your eyes. Pick out a book and randomly open it. Write down something about that page. Reflect.
  5. When was the last time you laughed? What caused you to laugh? How did it feel to laugh?

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What are you thankful for?

In your journal, write down all of things in your life you are thankful for. This gratitude list can be an ongoing feature in your journal… what we appreciate, appreciates! And, getting in a grateful state helps to get us out of our funky, anxious states of mind into a more positive state.

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Reasons for anxiety

During times in my life when I have suffered intense anxiety and sleepless nights I have found that these are often the underlying reasons for the anxiety:

1. worry

2. anger

3. fear

4. Wanting something I don’t have

If I am worried, angry,  fearful , or feel like I am lacking something I want is basically because I am in some way not accepting what is and I am not totally in the present.

A good thing to remember is that what we resist persists. What we appreciate appreciates.

Being in the now and practicing acceptance and appreciation for what we have really helps put us in a more peaceful state of mind. It will lessen our anxiety and attract good things to our lives (including a restful night of sleep!)

Get out your journal and ask yourself what you are possible resisting or not accepting in your life?

How can you let that mental habit go and replace it with a more accepting and thankful attitude?

These are big questions and you may not get the answers overnight but it is a good process to begin. Increased awareness is an excellent start.

When anxiety is ruling us we are stuck in a negative thought pattern. So we need to start breaking those patterns.

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Write three letters: of appreciation, apologizing, and forgiveness

If you are up late and can not sleep, here is something that you can do that will improve the quality of the relationships in your life.

I started this practice one year at Yom Kippur time which is a Jewish Holiday in the Fall during the high holy days. Yom Kippur is called the day of atonement. It is a day that we are supposed to fast and reflect on the past year. If there is anyone that you feel you need to apologize to or forgive, now is the time to do it.

We don’t need to be Jewish or have a special holiday to do this. First, think of someone you think you have wronged and write a sincere letter of apology to them. Second, think of somone in your life whom perhaps you feel you have taken for granted and write a letter of appreciation to that person. Third, think of someone who you think has wronged you and write a letter of forgiveness to that person.

There. Three letters. Whether you send them or not is up to you. They could be in the form of an email but there is something satisfying about writing the old fashioned way by hand. If you are courageous enough to send them know that wonderful things will come back to you. Give it a try. This is one practice you won’t regret.

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“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be”-Abraham Lincoln

What makes you happy? Get out your journal and write down as many things as you can that make you smile, your heart sing, make you want to thank God that you are alive! Do it now.

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What are you thankful for?

Write down everything you can think of that you are thankful for right now. Do it!

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