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“In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety”-Psalm 4:8

If feeling a bit restless when it is time to sleep:

repeat something to yourself that brings peace to you.


“I AM safe”

“God Loves me”

“I AM love”

“I AM peace”


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An affirmation for breathing

Breath is the gift of life. If we are not breathing we are not living! So every breath we take truly is a gift. As much as we can, let’s be aware of our breathing. If we are getting stressed or hurried, we can just slow our breathing down, breathe deeper into our bellies, and then fully exhale. I like to do this when I am doing mundane things like driving my car or washing the dishes. When I’m waiting in line is a good time as well.

In an earlier post, I referred to one of my favorite books, Louise Hay’s Heal your Body. She describes breath as “the ability to take in life”.  The affirmation she prescribes for good breathing is as follows: ” I love life. It is safe to live”.

This is a wonderful affirmation to try anytime during our day including times at night when we want to sleep.

Let’s try it. Breathe in deeply: “I love life. It is safe to live”. Breathe out. Repeat

Other simple affirmations that really work for me are ” I am safe”, “I am love”, “God loves me”, “I am enough”, and just meditating on the word “peace” or “I am peace.”

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The Mew Way: Restorative Sleep the Feline way

Every now and then I am going to write posts inspired by my wonderful cat, Mew. Last night I was reading about the different stages of sleep and in particular -the idea of restorative sleep. I just happened to look up from my book, and there was Mew at the foot of the bed on his back, all four legs up, belly up….sound asleep. Talk about restorative sleep!

What can we learn from our wonderful furry friends?

  1. Don’t worry
  2. Be in the Now
  3. Know you are loved
  4. Know you are safe
  5. Stretch and get in a good comfortable sleeping position
  6. Trust in the world- don’t be afraid
  7. Be content with what you have (a soft warm bed, a warm loving human nearby on her laptop)
  8. There are very few things in this world more important then a restful, undisturbed nap!

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