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Eating That Elephant One Little Bite At A Time

Vegetarians out there: please pardon this metaphor- but truly, how would you eat an elephant? One little bite at a time. Often we take on way more than we can chew. We get overwhelmed. Stressed. Our brains shut down. The answer? One small bite at a time.

It goes back to those baby steps we have talked about. I figure, so long as I am moving forward and taking some kind of action on my goals, I am going to achieve success. Action is important. If our ideas and goals are solely in our heads, we are dreamers and that’s about it.We don’t, however, want to take on too much at once- put too much  pressure on ourselves- and then have it all backfire because we get overwhelmed, discouraged, and quit.

Like all things in life- there needs to be balance. Small steps or bites, if you will.

I am continually reminding myself of this. The Warm Milk Journal, for instance, is a big project. Starting a new endeavor like this is a lot of work. There is a huge learning curve. There are parts of this project that come easier for me than others. I find the creative side a lot of fun and easier: the writing of the posts, reaching out and helping others, coming up with ideas for the Warm Milk Journal (because this is something I care and feel so passionately about). The more challenging areas for me are more the technical and business end of things that come with writing a blog. There is so much for me to learn and really I have just started. So I tell myself: baby steps, Debra. Small elephant bites.

I think if we enjoy the journey we will be happy with where we end up!

Debra : )


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What is one of your proudest achievements?

As you sit down with your journal, think about a time in your life when you achieved something you are really proud of. For example, I am to this day very  proud of the fact that I ran the 1982 Honolulu Marathon at age 16.

Next, how did you feel when you accomplished this achievement? Write down any details you can think  of. What kinds of obstacles did you have to overcome to achieve this goal?

Now, if you ever doubt yourself or feel fear remember this achievement. Feel it and relive it in your mind and body. Carry yourself high as you think of it.

What other goals are you going to achieve? Write them down. What are some action steps you can take? Write them down. Commit to doing one baby step today .  Feel the power within you.

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Have a sense of purpose!

Having a sense of purpose galvanizes our energy. It puts a certain spring in our step. When we are focused on achieving something that we value and perceive as worthwhile we feel better about ourselves and hopefully as a result will sleep better at night.

Our purpose might involve our jobs, a business, a hobby, volunteer work, a project, or any goal we want to achieve. Whatever it is it is best if it is something we are really interested in and have passion for. Then, take those baby steps, and plunge in! Stay focused. Don’t quit. Stay with it.

Use your journals to brainstorm some ideas.

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Taking Baby Steps Towards Making Our Dreams Come True

I find that I feel the most anxious when I am either worried about something or feel kind of stuck. Most of us are busy with jobs, paying the bills, raising families, etc. It is easy to let days slip into weeks which drift into months and before we know it years have piled up. Are we living the life of our dreams?

Get out your journal and ask yourself:

1. What is possible?

2. If failure was not an option what would you do?

3. What if you had just three weeks left to live, what would you do?

I think many of us have lots of dreams, goals, ideas about how we want or wanted to live our lives but then “life got in the way”.

For me, it can seem overwhelming. How do I get my own business going or become a published writer in addition to keeping up with my responsibilities as a teacher and mother of two teenagers? How do I travel to exotic places when my bank account would suggest to me that may not be feasible right now?

What I have discovered for myself recently is baby steps are really where it’s at. If every day we at least do one little thing towards making our dreams come true  we will feel like we are moving forward. I don’t care how small the step may seem. Just doing something for ourselves and our personal goals is very energizing and soothing. It calms my psyche down when I know I am doing something to improve myself, my life, and I am on a forward moving path. I am going somewhere! I am not in a rut. I am not a working drudge.

So now, in your journal: look at all of those things you wrote down if you really believed you could do anything, failure was not an option, or you were not going to around forever (newsflash: none of us are).

What is one thing you can do today (or if you are doing this late at night, tomorrow)- to move forward in doing some of these things on your list?

For me, it might be to research something about insomnia or developing a blog. It might be practicing one Martial Arts technique or try one new meditation exercise. It might be putting my loose change I found at the bottom of my purse in my “play jar” I have on my dresser for that trip I want to take to Hawaii and the Napa Valley area.

What are your baby steps? It is liberating to know that we are free! We can live any kind of life we want (providing we are not breaking any kind of laws of course). We never need to feel stuck. If we are stagnating, we are dying. If we are making these baby steps towards achieving our goals we are very much alive. We are changing and growing. Even if we think we “failed” at something, we at least did something! How many of us never fail at anything because we never take any chances and really do anything?

It’s never too late to live the life we are meant to live.

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