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Have you played today?

We played as kids, but as we get older how much play time do we allow ourselves? If we let it, life can be full of responsibility and routines that are not a lot of fun. Yes, we do need to make a living in some way and take care of our families, the house, the bills, etc. But we adults need to have fun too! In recent years I have committed myself to making play an important part of my life and that commitment has vastly improved the quality of my life.

Here are some suggestions for play to get you started:

  1. dance (in our living room, at a club- anywhere!)
  2. try a new fitness class (many gyms offer them as part of the gym membership)
  3. create something: draw, write, paint, model clay
  4. get silly and roll around the floor with your kid(s), pets, spouse, partner
  5. try a drama improvisational class (loads of fun exercises to do with other people that will stretch you out of your normal comfort zone).
  6. hula hoop
  7. read something just for the fun of it (like a trashy novel)
  8. cook something festive and share the meal with people you love hanging out with
  9. plan and go on an adventure of some kind
  10. play a game: scrabble, Apples to Apples, Yahtzee, Bunco, etc

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“Throw off yesterday as a snake sheds its skin”- Joseph Campbell

Regret. Worry. Mistakes. Woulda Coulda Shoulda…. this is the stuff of angst filled days and sleepless nights.

For years I did this to myself. It is not a good place to be in.

Here are four things to focus on:

1. Be in the present (there are lot’s of good books out there on this subject such as Eckart Tolle’s Power of Now).

2. Practice acceptance and just let it go. Surrender. Sometimes “letting go and letting God” is the best¬† thing to do for our peace of mind especially if it is circumstances that are beyond our control.

3. Practice forgiveness. Forgive yourself, Forgive your parents, Forgive exes. Forgive politicians.  Forgive former employers. Forgive bullies from our childhood. We are all doing the best we can at the time with what we have. Let it go. The past need no longer hurt us if we no longer give it any power.

4. Practice appreciation for all the blessings we have now. What we appreciate appreciates.

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