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Expect The Unexpected

When things go better than planned, rejoice!

When you get an unexpected gift or break, thank your lucky stars.

Expect the unexpected. Hopefully more good unexpected things will come to you.

The universe is abundant. Let us receive our good (even unexpected good!)

Debra : )


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Is Financial Stress Causing You To Lose Sleep?

One area that keeps many of us up at night is finances. For many, these are difficult economic times we are in. In recent years I have experienced financial hardship. I got a divorce last year that really has been quite devastating to my financial life and good credit. Here are some things that I am learning to do:

  1. Look at our finances realistically. It is hard to fix something until we know exactly what we are dealing with. This means get an accurate snapshot of income, all expenses, liabilities, etc.
  2. Create a budget
  3. Deal with unpleasant matters (in my case it is dealing with my bank and my ex). The more we avoid and put it off the worse it will become over time and contribute greatly to anxiety and sleeplessness.
  4. Practice the principles of prosperity. There are many good books on the subject and I will go into these ideas in greater detail in future posts. Being thankful for what we have and tithing are two good starting points.
  5. Know that we are not our credit scores or finances. These are just numbers on someone’s computer.
  6. We are bigger than our “problems”
  7. Be in the now and breathe
  8. Know that this too shall pass

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