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An Affirmation For Patience


Today, I catch moments of impatience and turn them into opportunities to quiet my mind and feelings, and fully engage in co-creation with Spirit. I appreciate the power of divine right timing in my life.

(from May’s issue of Science of Mind Magazine)


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Thank You

Thank you, Warm Milk Journal readers. This blog is a work in progress and I hope that it is helping or inspiring you in some way.

Other things in my life I feel thankful for this evening:

  1. I am thankful for my wonderful supportive, loving, and sexy partner
  2. I am thankful to have a meaningful job where I have the opportunity to positively effect the lives of 46 second graders 180 days of the year
  3. I am thankful for my children who are good at challenging me and humbling me and teaching me what it means to love
  4. I am thankful for my parents who continue to love me and enjoy their lives to the the fullest
  5. I am thankful for my cat Mew who is adorable and is a constant loving peaceful precious presence in my life.

Now it is your turn (time to get out your journals):

I am thankful for:






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“Out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” -Albert Einstein

Ways to incorporate simplicity and harmony in our lives:

  1. Focus on the good in our lives and let go of the rest
  2. Like Richard Carlson says: Don’t sweat the small stuff…and its all small stuff
  3. Ask: Do we really need that bigger house?
  4. Ask: Do we really need that bigger car?
  5. Ask: Do we really need all that stuff?
  6. Ask: Do we really need to sign our kids up for every extra-curricular sports and activity our community has to offer?
  7. Learn to say no.

I read an article in a recent Ladies Home Journal and they took a survey from people from different professions about what they think it takes to make a marriage work. One lady, a realtor, suggested that couples buy a smaller house rather than stretch themselves financially to get that bigger house. The sentiment was that instead of being stressed and fighting about money, the couple who bought a smaller house with a smaller mortgage could then use their resources to go out for nice dinners together, take vacations, and nurture each other.  That is certainly something to think about.

Parents of our generation tend to keep our kids very busy with after school sports and lessons and weekend soccer games etc. Is all of this busy-ness really good for us? I am not judging (for I have done these things myself). I just encourage us to look at our lives and question.

Simplicity. Harmony. Peace. Balance.  I like the sound of these things. A person living a simple, harmonious, peaceful, and balanced life is probably not a person staying up at night stressed, panicked, and anxious about his or life.

Debra : )

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Let’s Give Ourselves Permission To Just BE: DO NOTHING

Sometimes I feel like a freight train going hundreds of miles an hour….job, family, martial arts, working out, personal goals, financial goals, relationships, spiritual growth- —All of it is wonderful. Sometimes though, I just want and need to just BE. Just exist. DO NOTHING. Do you ever feel this way? I think modern society has trained us to think that if we are not going, achieving, multi-tasking every moment of our day- we are somehow slipping up in some way.

I think it is okay to give ourselves permission to just decompress, unwind, and recharge on a regular basis. It’s all about balance. We will have much more to give to our employer, family, partners, students (if you are a teacher like me), our dreams and goals, if we will just take some time to DO NOTHING. Yes, I will say it again: DO NOTHING

This is my idea of doing nothing (I am sure you can come up with a list of your own):

  1. Take a catnap
  2. Browse a women’s magazine (pure mindless pleasure and joy. I love browsing the recipes, latest diet tips, etc)
  3. Sitting and meditating. Meditate on NOTHING. Don’t try to do a particular mantra. Just BE
  4. Catch up on Facebook or surf the web
  5. Watch a movie
  6. Watch TV
  7. Read fiction
  8. Read poetry
  9. Go for a walk or bike ride
  10. Just lie down and daydream
  11. Sit on the couch and day dream
  12. Look out the window and day dream
  13. Pet the cat and daydream
  14. Pet the dog and daydream
  15. Nurse the baby and da dream
  16. Masturbate and daydream
  17. Just chill

When we resurface from these down mode activities we will be ready to embrace all of the responsibilities, possibilities, and excitement our lives have in store for us. But we will take these things in our lives on OUR TERMS. Meaning, at our ease. Not dis-ease. Why be in a hurry? Why be rushed? Why stress? Why put so much pressure on ourselves all the time? All good things will happen in the right time. There is no need to get frenetic and harried. That kind of energy will only contribute to nervousness, panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia.

Here, at The Warm Milk Journal, we give you permission to just BE. DO NOTHING. Be at your ease…….How does that feel?

Debra : )

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