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51 Ways To have crazy, quirky, out of the box fun!

Time to stretch. Time to play. time to get out of ourselves a bit and get adventurous and playful. If you are up and have your journal nearby write some ideas down. What can you do to shake your life up a bit? We need never feel like we are in a rut or bored. Life is dynamic. Life is about change. If we are stagnant and not changing we are not really living! I don’t know what is in store for tomorrow so I want to have fun NOW!

Stretching is good for us. Doing things we don’t ordinarily do. Breaking out of our routines. Using the other sides of our brains.

Just a few ideas to get you started and then in your journal come up with some of your own and then DO THEM!

  1. Jump and dance around your house or apartment and sing at the top of your lungs.
  2. Try a new recipe tonight for dinner or a restaurant you have never been to
  3. Go shopping and buy a new outfit for Spring in colors and a style that you don’t normally wear.
  4. Buy different shades of make up that you don’t normally wear
  5. Buy a different style of shoes
  6. It’s almost summer- get a new bathing suit- something bold and colorful. Perhaps even a bikini!
  7. Buy and wear a new fragrance of perfume
  8. Take a different route to work tomorrow
  9. Play a different radio station during your commute. Try a genre of music you don’t normally listen to
  10. At your gym, try a new fitness class
  11. At your gym, try a piece of equipment you have never used before
  12. Call someone you have not talked to in years
  13. Make a date with someone special: your significant other, a child, a friend, a colleague, a parent. Do something special together
  14. Get some finger paints and pretend like you are in kindergarten. Play, create, get messy!
  15. laugh with abandon for no reason at all
  16. Watch a different kind of movie you don’t normally watch
  17. Eat some chocolate today
  18. “flash” your partner when he or she is not expecting it
  19. hula hoop
  20. play with a yo-yo
  21. in front of a mirror stick out your tongue, make faces at yourself
  22. book a flight and go somewhere you have never been to before
  23. get some new bath oil or bubble bath and enjoy the new scent
  24. get some new candles for that bath
  25. try a new kind of wine tonight
  26. If you are right handed challenge yourself and try to do some things left handed and vice versa
  27. When you encounter a grumpy looking person today smile at them radiantly and wish them a nice day
  28. tickle your kids
  29. do some yoga poses, stretches, tension exercises, dance moves, or martial arts moves on the beach
  30. if you live near a beach, build a sandcastle
  31. If you live near the mountains, plan a camping trip soon and do some things you don’t normally do (cook different kinds of food, play different games, etc).
  32. Make love in a different room of your home
  33. Make love in your car
  34. Make love outside
  35. Put your serious reading aside for a while and pick up that trashy novel
  36. sign up for lessons to play a musical instrument
  37. take a class to learn a new language
  38. Go to the library or bookstore and get a book about something you know nothing about
  39. If you are an introverted person, email several people today, text several people,  call people, make plans to go to or host a party, say hello to everybody you encounter today, attend a Toastmasters meeting.
  40. If you are an extroverted person, turn off your cell phone. Stay away from your computer. Totally unplug. Be silent. Enjoy some solitude. Read. Walk, Meditate, Write. Listen to relaxing music. Do some puzzles
  41. If you are used to thinking of yourself as fat or unattractive in anyway what so ever, get yourself in front of that mirror and announce that you are absolutely gorgeous and world, watch out!
  42. Attend a community event or meeting like an arts event, wine tasting, art show, or concert
  43. If you are a die hard Democrat, attend a Republican party event in your area with an open mind, and vice versa
  44. Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper about something you feel passionate about
  45. Turn off the the tv in your home and find out what is going on with your family members
  46. Look at the sweet face of your cat or dog and just meditate on all that sweetness, innocence, and unconditonal love
  47. Draw and doodle
  48. Play with play-doh
  49. Plan a new Garden and buy some plants this weekend
  50. Browse a cookbook and mark some recipes to try
  51. send some money to a charity you have never donated to before

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