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Thoughts On Courage

The word courage literally means”with heart”.  I studied French in school and le couer was the word for heart. For those of us who are challenged with anxiety and insomnia issues- we may have the heart. But perhaps we care and we have heart combined with fear and insecurity.

I think of courage as strength with heart. Strength with feeling. Strength with conviction. Strength with passion. Strength with confidence. Strength with certainty. Strength with faith.

What are some ways to incorporate more courage into our lives?

  1. Focus on the things we really care about and let go of the rest
  2. Know that the more mistakes we make the closer we are getting to success
  3. Don’t worry about what others think of us
  4. When we make up our minds- commit to it and take action. Our lives work in direct proportion to the commitments we make and keep.
  5. Give ourselves permission to do things with passion and abandon.
  6. If we fall down, know that we can get up and get going again
  7. We are not alone. We don’t live in a vacuum. Have faith in God, the universe, and all of the loving and supportive people in our lives who want us to succeed and be happy
  8. The world needs our vision, our strength, our unique set of talents and abilities that only we can offer and provide. If we chicken out, the world will miss out tremendously!
  9. Do it now! Not “someday”, or when circumstances line up perfectly….(which may never happen)
  10. Live each day as if it is your last
  11. Imagine what you want people to say at your funeral and then live that life
  12. If a biography was written on you, would you like the content? If not, it is not too late to make each day count.
  13. Everyday is a gift.
  14. Try new things
  15. Stretch ourselves regularly- get out of our comfort zones and experience what that feels like. It may be uncomfortable but will most likely help us to grow and find our courage that we have always had within us.

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