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The Ghosts Of Our Past

Many of us who are having a hard time sleeping at night get stuck in an anxious state of fretting about something that happened in the past. Or that we remembered happening in the past. Memory is a subjective thing. What we remember may or may not have happened that way. The point though, is, it was in the past as in NOT NOW. Something from our past does not have to have any power over us or hurt us if we don’t let it.

I spent years worrying about things from my past. I made myself miserable doing this.

Keep in mind that we do not need to think in ways that do not serve us.

  1. We are not victims
  2. All we have is the present. Worry , anger, and regret about the past is a waste of time
  3. When we catch ourselves going back in the past we can take out a tool out of our toolboxes such as meditation and just get in the NOW.
  4. Practice acceptance, forgive, and let it go and surrender

Much peace will fill our lives once we let the past stay where it belongs: in the past.


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