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Move your body during the day for restful sleep at night

Are you active during the day?  I love to work out. If for whatever reason I don’t get enough exercise I don’t sleep as well at night. We were not meant be sedentary creatures. Too much time in front of the tv, behind our desks, or in our vehicles is just not good for us.We need to move! Set an intention to get more movement in your day. It doesn’t have to mean a two hour work out in a gym (although that is great if you have the time and are inspired to do so). Any amounts of movement add up.

Some ideas:

  1. Take a walk
  2. Take a bike ride
  3. Roll around and stretch on the floor
  4. Have some mini dumbbell weights around and take a break from your reading, commercial time during tv, etc. to do a few bicep curls, etc.
  5. When you think to, do 10 jumping jacks
  6. Take flights of stairs instead the elevator
  7. Park further away from the store you are going to shop at
  8. Use tension isometric exercises throughout your day
  9. If you are a mom, dad,  or teacher- move and play with the kids!
  10. Always try new things to make exercise fun
  11. Workout with a friend
  12. Visualize yourself fit and trim and healthy and moving!
  13. Dance
  14. Make love

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