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Letting Go Of Control

Letting go of control is a good lesson for those of us suffering from anxiety and insomnia issues. How often do you get upset because your expectations (usually high) were not met? Something didn’t go according to plan? Someone in your life is not behaving or treating you in the way you want them to?

Here are some ideas to loosen up a bit:

  1. Allow others to be themselves. Give up trying to change other people. Appreciate the good things about them. Focus on their positive traits.
  2. Strive for “good enough” rather than perfection
  3. Be happy with what you already have
  4. Lower expectations and you will be disappointed less
  5. Can you turn those lemons into lemonade? Sometimes when something doesn’t go according to our “plan” it opens the door for opportunities we would have otherwise never known about. I am now a fan of “plan b” and “plan c’…
  6. Breathe deeply whenever you feel that tension in your body. Relax. Go with the flow. Be at your ease..not dis-ease
  7. Be more spontaneous
  8. What is one “rule” in your life that you can break today (like eating dessert first, not making the bed right away etc.)
  9. Try something new
  10. Know that your in box will never be totally empty. Perhaps do one thing on your to-do list so you feel like you have been productive but then let it go and have some fun.
  11. Do things you want to do NOW. Don’t wait for perfect conditions to present themselves. You may be waiting for the economy to improve before starting that business you always dreamed of or purchasing that home. You may be waiting to lose those ten pounds before going on that cruise vacation or getting out in the dating world. You may be waiting to have your house redone before having friends over for dinner. Quit waiting! Do things now. Many circumstances in our life are not in our control. Life the lives we want now despite that fact. Quit waiting for “perfect” conditions. If we wait until we are six feet under it will be too late
  12. Be flexible. Flexibility really helps pave the way for a smoother,  lower stress life and  better relations with people.  Employers value employees who  are flexible too. Be the calm in the storm. Flexible reeds only bend in a windstorm and then they come back. Stiff trees break and die.

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