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Hot Bedtime Drinks

In general, hot drinks have a calming effect at bedtime. It is best to avoid caffeinated drinks past 3:00pm.

Here are some warm bedtime drink ideas:

  1. warm milk with nutmeg and honey
  2. warm almond milk
  3. warm soy milk
  4. warm egg nog
  5. herbal tea, such as chamomile or chicory
  6. Brandied Lemon Drink: combine 2/3 cups lemon juice, 2tbsp honey, 2tbsp brandy, 1 cup boiling water, 1 cinnamon stick
  7. Mulled cider: in saucepan heat 3 cups apple cider, 1 tbsp sugar, 2 cinnamon sticks, and five cloves. Bring all ingredients to boil, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat to low and barely simmer. Serve warm in mugs with cinnamon stick to stir with if desired
  8. Orange and Apricot Drink: combine and boil 2 cups orange juice, 2 tbsp apricot jam, 2 tbsp,  1 tsp nutmeg. then add   2tbsp Grand Marnier.

(Brandied Lemon Drink, Mulled Cider, and Orange and Apricot drink recipes found at :

9. Sleep Happy Smoothie: blend 1 cup unsweeted almond milk, half a banana or 2 tbsp of unsweetened applesauce, 1        scoop of vanilla flavored whey protein, 1 tbsp of ground flax seeds  (this recipe found at


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