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Winding Down

Many of us after a day of work, getting the family fed, catching up on a few household chores, paying the bills, bathing kids etc. are ready for some down time before going to bed. What kind of activities do we choose? Watching the evening news? Watching movies with a lot of excitement and violence in them? Playing video games? Catching up on emails?

Instead of participating in anxiety inducing activities, we can try activities such as these instead:

  1. reading something heartwarming or inspirational
  2. reading something fairly mindless and relaxing like a magazine
  3. do a puzzle
  4. play scrabble
  5. crochet, knit, scrapbook
  6. write: creative writing, writing in a journal, writing letters
  7. meditate
  8. gentle yoga
  9. easy evening stroll
  10. take a bath
  11. listen to soothing music
  12. play with your cat or dog
  13. draw, color, or paint
  14. play an instrument
  15. slow dance with your spouse or partner
  16. give and receive a massage with your partner
  17. make love

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