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The Joys Of An Evening Stroll

One of my favorite activities in all the world is going for an evening stroll. I love: the fresh air, smells of something good cooking in neighbor’s homes, appreciating well-landscaped yards accentuated with pretty lights, the quiet, the crickets or frogs playing their chorus, the pitch dark on moonless nights, the gorgeous moon and its light on other nights, Jasmine and other sweet smelling flowers, the movement of my body, the feel of the breeze on my skin… oh the joys of my evening walk.

It is a lovely ritual: whether alone or with my partner. I simply love it. It is truly one of life’s pleasures. A stroll after dinner aids digestion and will help us have a more restful night of sleep. It is good for our fitness, overall health and weight. It helps create peace of mind and a sense of well-being. Often I might feel stressed or agitated about something, go for my walk, and come back feeling all balanced again. Walking helps get the creative juices flowing too and I often come up with some of my best ideas while on a walk.

Give it a try. Just don’t exercise too close to bedtime.

Debra : )


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