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An Evening Prayer (from the Jewish Faith)

I will be posting prayers on a regular basis from a variety of sources. The Warm Milk Journal does not promote one religion over the other. My spirituality is somewhat eclectic in that I find scripture and prayers from different faiths to be beautiful and supportive of my spiritual growth, peace of mind, and a restful night of sleep.

This one just happens to come from reformed Judaism (the religion of my childhood)

An evening prayer (from Gates Of The House: The New Union Home Prayer Book)

Lord, Your touch unseen brings sleep upon my eyes, You make

my lids grow heavy with the night. Grant that I may lie down

in peace, and rise up to life renewed. Let Your majesty and

beauty be in my thought at end of day, and at the moment of

my awakening!

Lord, Guardian of Israel, You neither slumber nor sleep.

Blessed are You by day, and blessed by night; blessed when

we lie down, blessed when we rise up. For in Your hands are

the souls of all living and the spirits of all flesh.

May angels’ wings caress me all through the night; let Your

good presence hover at my side. Lord, spread the shelter of

Your peace upon me, my dear ones, and all Your children.

Into Your hands I commend my body and my spirit, both when

I sleep and when I wake. In Your presence, I cast off fear and

lie down to restful sleep.



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