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I Am that I Am: Ten Declarations For Who You Are

Who are you? Declare it!

Get out your journal and state affirmatively who you are, with conviction and certainty.

For example:

  1. I Am strong
  2. I Am centered
  3. I Am the director of my life
  4. I Am in the driver’s seat
  5. I Am peace
  6. I Am loved
  7. I Am safe
  8. I Am calm
  9. I Am magnificent
  10. I Am vibrantly healthy

Come up with some of your own that resonate with you. Write them down. Say them out loud. They can be mantras as you breathe and meditate. Stating it in a declaratory, “I am” statement sends the message to yourself and the universe that you are that thing= already! (as opposed to you want to be loved, you want good health- see the difference?)


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