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Not Getting Enough Sleep?- Don’t Sweat It!

Yes, it is miserable to not be getting our sleep. Sometimes I think though that we stress so much about not sleeping that it makes our insomnia even worse. Who has been there lying in your bed and you are just staring at your clock, watching the minutes and hours pass, thinking about how terrible you are going to feel at work the next day…

The best thing we can do for ourselves is not worry about it. Okay, we are not getting our ideal number of hours of sleep tonight but we will be okay. This has taken me a long time to figure out but I really believe the best thing we can do for ourselves is to get our minds off our insomnia.The things we focus on increase. If we are focused on not sleeping we will most likely continue to not sleep. Make sense?

This premise is the main underlying purpose of the Warm Milk Journal. Distraction. Diversion, Centering.  The  goal is getting our minds on something else besides the fact that we are not sleeping.

So the next time you are really stressed about sleeping tell yourself it is okay. This is not a crisis. Get up and read a book, stretch, meditate,  write in your journal,  etc.


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A Prayer To Help Us Sleep

“Loving God, you guard and protect all of your loving children. Be with me now as I try to sleep. Let me feel safe, secure, and sleepy as I imagine myself resting in your arms. Guide me into rest, that I may begin tomorrow afresh, to the Glory of your name.” Amen.

Repeat “guide me into rest” to promote drowsiness.


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How can I help? Contribute?

In your journal, list ways that you can help someone else, give of your time, contribute to a cause that you care about, etc.

One of the quickest ways to get out of our depressed and anxious states is to get out of “ourselves” and help and connect with others. When we are giving and servicing others we are no longer focused on ourselves and our problems etc.

Make that list and do one idea tomorrow.

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