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Will it matter next week, next month, next year, ten years from now?

99% of what we worry about never even happens. In the scheme of things, chances are the thing that we are currently tossing and turning about right now will be of little consequence next week, next month, next year, and years from now. We can easily build up our fears in our minds and they seem so BIG and SCARY and URGENT and IMMINENT. AGhhhhh…..!

Let’s give ourselves the gift of a little perspective and know that it really isn’t that bad.

Worry Journal: Many sleep experts recommend keeping a worry journal. Write down what is worrying you and then write down something that you can do to move it in a more positive, forward direction.

Set up a worry time: another idea that I see recommended is to set up a worry time. You can, at a set time in the day, write all of your worries down in your journal. Then, when your mind does begin to worry you can remind it that it has already had its worry time and it will have to wait until it worry time tomorrow.


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  1. Instead of a worry journal, how about a happy journal? I would rather spend my sleepless night thinking about all the things I do right, or am capable of than make a list of things to worry about…
    I agree with you totally….none of us have ever said, “Gee I am so glad I worried about that, it really helped me.”

    Comment by youluckybum | April 21, 2010 | Reply

    • I think a happy journal is a most excellent idea! : )

      Comment by debratech | April 21, 2010 | Reply

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