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The Mew Way: Restorative Sleep the Feline way

Every now and then I am going to write posts inspired by my wonderful cat, Mew. Last night I was reading about the different stages of sleep and in particular -the idea of restorative sleep. I just happened to look up from my book, and there was Mew at the foot of the bed on his back, all four legs up, belly up….sound asleep. Talk about restorative sleep!

What can we learn from our wonderful furry friends?

  1. Don’t worry
  2. Be in the Now
  3. Know you are loved
  4. Know you are safe
  5. Stretch and get in a good comfortable sleeping position
  6. Trust in the world- don’t be afraid
  7. Be content with what you have (a soft warm bed, a warm loving human nearby on her laptop)
  8. There are very few things in this world more important then a restful, undisturbed nap!

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