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Reasons for anxiety

During times in my life when I have suffered intense anxiety and sleepless nights I have found that these are often the underlying reasons for the anxiety:

1. worry

2. anger

3. fear

4. Wanting something I don’t have

If I am worried, angry,  fearful , or feel like I am lacking something I want is basically because I am in some way not accepting what is and I am not totally in the present.

A good thing to remember is that what we resist persists. What we appreciate appreciates.

Being in the now and practicing acceptance and appreciation for what we have really helps put us in a more peaceful state of mind. It will lessen our anxiety and attract good things to our lives (including a restful night of sleep!)

Get out your journal and ask yourself what you are possible resisting or not accepting in your life?

How can you let that mental habit go and replace it with a more accepting and thankful attitude?

These are big questions and you may not get the answers overnight but it is a good process to begin. Increased awareness is an excellent start.

When anxiety is ruling us we are stuck in a negative thought pattern. So we need to start breaking those patterns.


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