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Getting the Monkey (a.k.a STRESS) off our backs!

The last post we left off with the need to break negative thought patterns. Why do we have these negative tapes racing around in our minds to begin with? Two things come to mind

1. Response to stress

2. Habit

First, we all live with a certain amount of stress in our lives. We respond to that stress in a number of ways. If our coping mechanisms include reactive worrying and anxiety- then I think we get in the habit of reacting to stress that way. We then get in such a habit of negative thinking that we are anxious, worrying, or having panic attacks whether we are in fact under stress or not.

One of the aims of the Warm Milk Journal is to get our minds into a more positive state  so that we can sleep easier.

What do we do about that “monkey” on our back we call STRESS?

Here are some ideas to cope with stress:

1. Exercise

2. Write in our journals

3. Connect with others

4. Help and give to others

5. Take a bath

6. Meditate

7. Laugh

8. Try something new like a yoga class, art class, dance class, etc.

9. Take action on something that is worrying us

10. Know that 99.9 % of what we worry about does not happen

11. Breathe

12. When we start our negative thinking: think “Cancel”!

13. Do our best not to complain


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