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Taking Baby Steps Towards Making Our Dreams Come True

I find that I feel the most anxious when I am either worried about something or feel kind of stuck. Most of us are busy with jobs, paying the bills, raising families, etc. It is easy to let days slip into weeks which drift into months and before we know it years have piled up. Are we living the life of our dreams?

Get out your journal and ask yourself:

1. What is possible?

2. If failure was not an option what would you do?

3. What if you had just three weeks left to live, what would you do?

I think many of us have lots of dreams, goals, ideas about how we want or wanted to live our lives but then “life got in the way”.

For me, it can seem overwhelming. How do I get my own business going or become a published writer in addition to keeping up with my responsibilities as a teacher and mother of two teenagers? How do I travel to exotic places when my bank account would suggest to me that may not be feasible right now?

What I have discovered for myself recently is baby steps are really where it’s at. If every day we at least do one little thing towards making our dreams come true  we will feel like we are moving forward. I don’t care how small the step may seem. Just doing something for ourselves and our personal goals is very energizing and soothing. It calms my psyche down when I know I am doing something to improve myself, my life, and I am on a forward moving path. I am going somewhere! I am not in a rut. I am not a working drudge.

So now, in your journal: look at all of those things you wrote down if you really believed you could do anything, failure was not an option, or you were not going to around forever (newsflash: none of us are).

What is one thing you can do today (or if you are doing this late at night, tomorrow)- to move forward in doing some of these things on your list?

For me, it might be to research something about insomnia or developing a blog. It might be practicing one Martial Arts technique or try one new meditation exercise. It might be putting my loose change I found at the bottom of my purse in my “play jar” I have on my dresser for that trip I want to take to Hawaii and the Napa Valley area.

What are your baby steps? It is liberating to know that we are free! We can live any kind of life we want (providing we are not breaking any kind of laws of course). We never need to feel stuck. If we are stagnating, we are dying. If we are making these baby steps towards achieving our goals we are very much alive. We are changing and growing. Even if we think we “failed” at something, we at least did something! How many of us never fail at anything because we never take any chances and really do anything?

It’s never too late to live the life we are meant to live.


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  1. we always save our change and every year on my birthday I cash them in and there is an airline ticket. yippee!!!

    Comment by donna standell | April 7, 2010 | Reply

    • That is great! Thanks for sharing. I will let that play jar fund build up… : )

      Comment by debratech | April 7, 2010 | Reply

  2. More on the benefits of failure at

    Comment by wildcatteacher | April 12, 2010 | Reply

    • Is this your site? I have a 12 and 15 year old and I am also a teacher so I appreciate any resources out there to help our kids get through those challenging adolescent years. Thank you. How would you define failure, Andy?
      I only think we fail if we either don’t do anything or give up and quit.
      Thanks for commenting on The Warm Milk Journal. : )- Debra

      Comment by debratech | April 12, 2010 | Reply

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