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Write three letters: of appreciation, apologizing, and forgiveness

If you are up late and can not sleep, here is something that you can do that will improve the quality of the relationships in your life.

I started this practice one year at Yom Kippur time which is a Jewish Holiday in the Fall during the high holy days. Yom Kippur is called the day of atonement. It is a day that we are supposed to fast and reflect on the past year. If there is anyone that you feel you need to apologize to or forgive, now is the time to do it.

We don’t need to be Jewish or have a special holiday to do this. First, think of someone you think you have wronged and write a sincere letter of apology to them. Second, think of somone in your life whom perhaps you feel you have taken for granted and write a letter of appreciation to that person. Third, think of someone who you think has wronged you and write a letter of forgiveness to that person.

There. Three letters. Whether you send them or not is up to you. They could be in the form of an email but there is something satisfying about writing the old fashioned way by hand. If you are courageous enough to send them know that wonderful things will come back to you. Give it a try. This is one practice you won’t regret.


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“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be”-Abraham Lincoln

What makes you happy? Get out your journal and write down as many things as you can that make you smile, your heart sing, make you want to thank God that you are alive! Do it now.

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Yoga For Good Sleep

On the days that I have gone to my yoga class or practiced yoga at home I find I sleep better.  The benefits of yoga are many. It strengthens our bodies and makes us more flexible. It calms our nervous system and minds down. We become more aware of our breathing. We often connect with our higher or more spiritual selves.

A few ideas that work for me in my yoga practice that really relax me:

1. Start off my yoga session with a specific intention (to be more relaxed, good health, world peace, prosperity, etc.)

2. Begin my practice with a strong feeling of gratitude.

3. Be very conscious of my breathing: when inhaling, really feel my lungs and belly fill up with air (Buddha belly); when exhaling, really breathe that air fully out. Out of habit, most of us are shallow breathers. It is amazing what a few minutes of real deep breathing can do for us!

4.Be present.  Be in the Now. This is a special time I am gifting to myself. This is not a time for worries or problems.

5. Find a good instructor. I have been practicing yoga for over ten years now. There is such a variety of Yoga styles and the instructor truly sets the tone. Try some different classes and find one that works for you. There are two different classes that I attend at my local gym. They each have a different focus. One is more athletic and one is more relaxed and focused on gentle breathing. I enjoy both classes very much.

6. When at home, I find even a few minutes on the floor doing some light stretching and breathing exercises does wonders. For many of us who are busy we need to not get discouraged if we feel we don’t have a lot of time for our yoga practice. Just slip in a few minutes here and there and we will benefit!

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