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My Heart Goes Out To You

Dear tired reader,

If you are on your computer reading this because you can’t sleep, my heart goes out to you. I have so been there. I have been challenged with anxiety issues most of my adult life. Over the years I have suffered from social anxiety, regrets, worries about my past, worries about my future, worries about my health, worries about my children, worries about my spouse,  worries about the house, worries about my finances, worries about my parents’ health,  worries about our planet’s health,the problems of our society- you name it, I have probably worried about it. For a couple of years I was on Clonazapam, an anti anxiety drug, just so I could sleep at night.  I have been off this drug for two and a half years now.

Happily, I have enjoyed a very peaceful, centered, and relatively anxious-free state for quite a while now. It hasn’t happened over night but I am doing very well.  This is why I decided to start this blog to help others out there who may be experiencing similar challenges with sleep and anxiety.

For the last few years I have learned some wonderful tools about learning how to deal with change, stress, and anxiety. I am not any kind of a medical, sleep “professional”. I am just a regular person who knows what it is like to not sleep at night due to anxiety. As I develop this site I will continue to offer my support and give you some ideas on dealing with this issue. I know how debilitating anxiety and not getting your sleep can be. If I could I would reach out and take your hand or give you a hug I would.

You will be alright. You are alright now. Believe it.


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