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“A Well Spent Day Brings Happy Sleep” – Leonardo Da Vinci

How are we spending our days?

Do we find time to do things that we enjoy, that challenge us, that promote connecting with others? For many years I was a stay at home mom. Although raising young children is rewarding it can be lonely and isolating (at the time I was living in Seattle and the climate probably didn’t help). I think I experienced some of my worst anxiety during those years. I would get myself out by working out at the gym, having lunch with friends, doing playgroups with other moms, joining a bunco group, becoming a Girl Scout leader etc.

We humans need: social interaction, mental stimulation, projects- things to do! We need a sense of purpose.

I think people who are alone a lot may be particularly prone to depression, anxiety, and insomnia. This group may include: stay at home moms, self employed people, any one who works from the home, retired folks, the elderly.

I would encourage anyone who is alone a lot during the day to get out and connect with others, start a project, a new hobby, join a club of some kind, do volunteer work- stay busy.

Then, at bedtime, your mind will think “time for a rest. I have put in a full day.” Good night!


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