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To Nurture and be Nurtured

For those of us who feel harried,

For those of us who are under stress,

For those of us who are worried about something,

For those of us who are exhausted and could really, really use a good night’s sleep-

I encourage all of us to really know deep down that we are cared for and supported. We are loved.

What can we do to nurture ourselves?

1. Look at ourselves in the mirror and think and say : ” I love you” to that beautiful person looking back at you.  If this is too difficult we can always find a photo of ourselves as a baby or young child and do the same. Love and hug that innocent child who is still inside of you.

2. Sip on a warm cup of milk or tea or chicken broth.

3. Read something inspiring

4. Eat healthy, wholesome foods. Our bodies really are our temples!

5. Exercise

6. Get outside regularly

7. Reach out to others!

8. Try something new

9. Let ourselves get silly and do something really crazy and outside of our comfort boxes

10. Smile and laugh (even if we don’t think we feel like it)

11. Do at least one action step a day that propels us closer to our dreams and goals.

12. Wear really comfortable clothes

13. Sleep in high quality linens

14. Invest in some nice candles, bath oils, and bubble bath

15. Give yourself some downtime every day

Ways to nurture others (and of course what goes around comes around so you will feel pretty terrific giving to others!)

1. Get in the habit of smiling to everyone you encounter in your day

2. Bless your fellow drivers on the street. We are all keeping each other safe during our commutes.

3. Hug a loved one

4. Listen to another person. Really empathically listen with no agenda of your own

5. Accept another’s viewpoint without judgment even if you don’t agree with it

6. Cook a nourishing meal for your family

7. Don’t take your loved ones or colleagues bad moods personally. Love them and accept them as they are.

8. Be present with others

9. Be gentle

10. Seek to understand


March 19, 2010 - Posted by | Self-empowerment

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