The Warm Milk Journal

A nurturing place for people who can't sleep

Do something boring. Yawn….

If you find yourself wide awake at night, get up and do something boring.

You can read about something that is difficult or has very little interest for you.

Organize something

Do a puzzle

fake being sleepy. Yawn… (yawn even if you don’t feel like yawning)

Write lists:

try to remember every birthday party you had or you threw for your child- come up with as much detail as possible- theme, did you go out, activities? guests? gifts?

Write down every teacher you or your child has ever had

What is the year make and model of every automobile your family has ever owned? Write it down.

Work on remembering and reciting a text, speech, or poem.


March 18, 2010 - Posted by | Tips to help insomnia

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