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Does warm milk really induce sleep?

Warm milk does have small traces of calcium, tryptophan and melatonin- proteins and chemicals that are known to induce sleep. Mostly I think, though, we have warm comforting memories associated with milk. Mother’s milk. If it works, wonderful. I personally find warmed up almonds milk to be absolutely delicious and relaxing. Tea can have the same effect too. Perhaps just a warm beverage of any kind nurtures our bodies, spirits, and souls.

I read recently an article about couples  who give their partners a warm beverage produce loving feelings in their partners. I know I feel loved and cared for when my partner brings me coffee in bed on a weekend morning. I sometimes do the same for him and serving him that warm beverage does induce  i me very giving, loving feelings for him.

Sitting alone during a quiet time of meditation, I feel that I really am not alone with that warm cup of tea in my hands. God or spirit is with me…

In sum, a warm beverage such as warm milk, coffee, or tea can certainly be a comfort to us and help us to be calm, feel nurtured, and at peace. It is much easier to go back into a restful sleep in that relaxed state of mind.


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